Monday, September 18, 2006

New Release Tuesday

Dan Bern - Breathe
We love us some Dan Bern, always have, but we're worried the new Breathe tips the scales from smartly comforting to sentimental based on the title track we've heard. The other track made available for preview, "Trudy", is a bit better, though: "all the questions you've been saving for the next electric wave/will all be answered in the Christian new year".

MP3: Dan Bern - Trudy

Bonnie Prince Billy - The Letting Go
We like our Oldham served with a woman, and lucky for us Faun Fables' Dawn McCarthy is on board adding her vocals to The Letting Go . Pitchfork gives it an 8.2, but says that "the beauty and eccentricity of The Letting Go doesn't provoke deep absorption or self-reflection so much as a kind of fond familiarity." Now they're dishing out 8.2s for fond familiarity? Watch Billy get his peacock on tonight on Conan and judge fer yerself.

The Hidden Cameras - Awoo (!)
OK, so Hidden Cameras tracks like "Ban Marriage" (from their debut The Smell of Our Own) and "The Fear Is On" (from Mississagua Goddamn) are among the best pop songs we own, but the tinny production just doesn't do them justice. They always sound better in our head. Still, this is sure to be a keeper. AllMusic deems it "by far their most accessible and cohesive record yet" and assures America "there are no songs about pee this time around".

MP3: The Hidden Cameras - Death of a Tune

Corrina Repp - The Absent and the Distant
Despite being Hush Records fanatics, we've never gotten around to hearing much Corrina Repp. However, the Hush pedigree + Mark Kozelek making her his only Caldo Verde signing + the crazy talented Rachel Blumberg on drums = instant purchase.

MP3: Corrina Repp - I'll Walk You Out

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