Friday, September 29, 2006

Anglo File

Welcome to Anglo File! Wherein I will burrow deep into the UK antifolk scene with nothing but very guarded optimism.

Our first entry is The Bobby McGee's (apostrophe theirs), a combo who have surely grown up on C86 and Sarah Records and are now paying half-ironic, incredibly silly tribute., you've been served.

"Please Don't Dump Me" is the more direct b-side to every insufferable Bob Wratten weeper, while "No Friends" is the absolute end all of tweecore. On "The Best Star Wars..." the wimpiest anorak in all the land pleads, "I don't want to be Jar Jar Binks/Please don't make me be Jar Jar binks no more", and you want to cry.

They've got their first 7" coming out soon on Cherryade Records.

MP3: The Bobby McGee's - No Friends
MP3: The Bobby McGee's - The Best Star Wars...
Stream: The Bobby McGee's - Please Don't Dump Me

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