Monday, September 18, 2006

Morning Shorts

Anyone remember the Married...With Children episode in which Al gets a song on the radio stuck in his head and can't identify it? It drives him crazy, and he ends up visiting a record store with a famed employee who can identify any song if you hum him a bar or two. Of course, Al knows the whole chorus but the guru comes up empty (the guy before him hums about two notes to get his answer). Poor Al! In any case, the folks at the Onion A/V Club have started up their own service to answer your pop culture stumpers. A sample from Ask the Av Club:
I remember watching MTV over the summer sometime around 1990 (give or take three to five years) and seeing some fairly avant-garde video (people wearing weird costumes on a weird landscape) for an instrumental song. It wasn't by any group I'd heard of (not Enigma or Dave Stewart or anything;didn't sound like them at all). Any clues?

As for this website: feel free to Ask Indiefolkforever something about Joel Phelps tunings on the Warm Springs Night tour.


Kimya Dawson explains why she named her baby Panda, livejournal users discuss.

Chromewaves reports on the Toronto Eric Bachmann/Richard Buckner show. We'll see 'em Thursday.

Stylus Magazine has a great feature all week long on favorite record stores of the staff, past and present. Today, the east coast is covered. Our pick is Spaceboy Music, a great little shop with a not-so-great web presence on South Street in Philadelphia, where all manner of offbeat singer-songwriters are stocked and the new releases are helpfully labeled.

MP3: Kimya Dawson - I Like Giants (live)

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