Friday, September 15, 2006

Morning Shorts

August! The month is gone but the fun has just begun. We caught Bishop Allen's fantastic live show in Philadelphia, and now their new August EP, part of a year-long EP-a-month project, is the same damn show, but from the Middle East in Cambridge. Huzzahs all around. The 45-minute set features two tracks from the never-released sophmore disc Clementines and two from big iff favorite and road trip singalong standby Charm School. And it's only $5. A couple tracks are below for your sampling pleasure.

MP3: Bishop Allen - That Summer (live)
MP3: Bishop Allen - The Flood (live)

Pitchfork gives the rundown on the dizzying array of Casiotone for the Painfully Alone releases coming down the pike. We love CFTPA, who somehow make synths sound more organic than your local co-op produce section. Please check out their fine Daytrotter session. The key track here is a reworking of "Tonight Was a Disaster" from older album Pocket Symphonies for Lonesome Subway Cars: "I'm crying in the cab ride home/with Frank Sinatra on the radio/but it might as well have been Lil' Kim/when every song you hear still reminds you of him".

Puddlegum reports that Kill Rock Stars will release a new Elliott Smith compilation next spring, featuring unreleased tracks from the KRS era. Let Unfinished lead you to some Basement on the Hill- era demos.

We like UK antifolker King!, who shines some new light on the Daniel Johnston musical legacy. Check out "The City".

MP3: King! - The City

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