Saturday, September 16, 2006

American Idol

I finally got around to checking out Gawker's meta-music-blog blog, Idolator. They had us at "Zach Braff, step off!":

Braff got it in his head that he was something of a musical tastemaker. To be clear, there's nothing wrong with Braff as an actor (Scrubs = good stuff). Nor do we have anything against the Shins (even though we'd very much like to stop hearing their music in every bar in Brooklyn). What's scary to us is that Braff's yuppie-rock affections are slowly turning the alt-rock realm into one big tasteful dinner party--take, for example, the soundtrack to The Last Kiss, which hit theaters today.

This is the sound of the center shifting. (He is fine in Scrubs but we can't help ourselves at doubling over during the Last Kiss trailer as Braff tries to look terminally lovesick and it plays like a parody of the rain scene in Say Anything.) But Idolator lifts our spirits with excellent regular features for meta-lovers like us: Pick of the Folk (spot the fake Pitchfork sentence) and Everybody's a Wenner, which tracks Rolling Stone's three-star reflex.

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