Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Morning Shorts

Made in Mexico Records has reissued Damien Jurado's long out-of-print 1998 EP, Gathered In Song, with new cover art and extra late-night lonesomeness in the form of five bonus track demos, including a guitar version of the piano-ballad b-side to the UK Letters and Drawings single, "As You Were". The best demo? A super-excitable take on Where Shall You Take Me's mellow "Matinee", the way it was always meant to be. ("Admission's cheap and the soda's free" after all).

As you might guess, the sound is pretty similar to his Sub Pop debut Water Ave S.; his voice has this certain craggy catch when he sings the high notes, which I love and miss - it kind of went away on Rehersals for Departure forward.

Jurado's new album, And Now That I'm In Your Shadow, is out October 10th on Secretly Canadian, who've made available a pretty teriffic preview track, "What Were The Chances". His tour starts next week, like all great journeys, in Provo.

MP3: Damien Jurado - What Were The Chances

A note on pronouns: third person is not working so much anymore. There's an illustrious new contributer in town, vpc, and I'm iff, and we're writing in the first person from now on so as to keep things in line.

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