Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Kimya Dawson's moral quandry

From Kimya D.'s livejournal:

so, i have been asked by fuel tv if they can license "i like giants" for an animated promo played on their station. it would be like 20 seconds of animation with the song in the background, that ends with the station logo. fuel tv is a network for "action sports" like skateboarding, wakeboarding, surfing, snowboarding, bmx. and i like the fact that the kids that do these things are getting backed by a network but i don't like the fact that the network is commercializing this stuff because well- football and baseball just aren't as "cool" these days. and the networks research what certain demographics want and appeal to them. but the promo won't be SELLING the network, just playing for people who are already watching. so is it actually backing a product? is a promo the same as a commercial? i said once that i would only put my songs in commercials for hugs and breastmilk.
So, besides Hugs and Breastmilk being a good name for the next Wolfie side project, what do you think? I say, go Kimya go. What could really be objectionable about action sports? This will open up a whole new fanbase of skaters, beer pongers, and whatever other extreme sports get shown on an extreme sports network. (I mistakenly went to Fuse TV first, home of the world's only naked dancing show, Pants-Off Dance-Off).

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