Tuesday, September 05, 2006

New Release Tuesday

A little late today but better than never, indiefolkforever faithful.

About the only release that catches my eye (other than the potentially tragic American Songbook Willie Nelson release) is a new one by the most unintentionally funny folk singer around, David Rovics. If you've ever wished for Amy Goodman's Democracy Now! in a folk song format, Rovics is your man. He makes Phil Ochs sound like Jack Johnson. He continues to make me laugh on his latest chucklefest, Halliburton Boardroom Massacre! (eek!)

Rovics kindly makes most of his catalog available for free download, including such classics as "Who Would Jesus Bomb?", "Henry Ford Was a Fascist", and "Drink of the Death Squads" (it's not VitaminWater). Fun times.

I'll use this opportunity to plug a great protest song, David Dondero's "Pre-Invasion Jitters", which is tagged on to the current release of his brilliant first album Spider West Myshkin and a City Bus. Available from the venerable Ghostmeat Records, it's a ragged, honest, timeless must-have for indiefolkers everywhere. Seriously, don't not buy this.

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