Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I know nothing of T.D. Reisert, except that he has a record called Alahee, one of the best late-night listens I've heard in some time. Playing solo with electric guitar and occasional harmonica, he creates all kinds of fog-thick, slow-burn psych-blues atmosphere, and his last-man-on-earth wail is what holds things together. It's a unique, genuinely spooky instrument, both otherworldly and intimate. Touchstones here are early Palace, Songs: Ohia and perhaps Joel R.L. Phelps' acoustic turns. We suggest letting this music all hang out after midnight. The whole thing is available for free download, but there's a limited-edition disc with handmade letterpress cover available too. Check out our two picks from Alahee, "Henlawson" and "Concordat".

MP3: T.D. Reisert, Henlawson
MP3: T.D. Reisert, Concordat

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