Friday, September 08, 2006

Morning Shorts

I'm in love with Sweet Thunder - not a Foghat tribute band, but a website of found sounds pulled off of abandoned cassette tapes. Mr. Thunder scavenges thrift stores and garage sales for these gems, a hobby/art form I was first exposed to on Damien Jurado's excellent Postcards and Audio Letters album.

There are 71 tapes posted, with a new one every week. I haven't made it through the whole archive, but favorites so far include:
  • The Young and the Fuck: "This week we have a crazy tape from the late 80s. It features some juveniles recording a parody soap opera about suicide and getting it on."
  • The Kiss Sisters Love Letters: "Meet the Kiss Sisters from New York. These two young girls are in love with Peter Criss and just got a new tape recorder for Christmas."

Watch what you leave in your cast-off walkmen, people, because Sweet Thunder is waiting.

Meanwhile, Pitchfork reports that Smog appeared with maybe-girlfriend Joanna Newsom at a show in Austin to bang-up results. The fork isn't sure if Joanna is joining Billy on the upcoming tour, and I've got mixed feelings. It would bring lots of attention to Smog's long-underappreciated songbook, but Joanna would probably overshadow things and maybe make it difficult for iff to get into the aptly named Iota. Smog has long been the stud of the indiefolk scene, having previously moved to the country with Cat Power and immortalized her on a subtle album cover. Remember those tour dates.

MP3: Husbands, Love Your Wives - Fuel (Damien Jurado cover)

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