Thursday, September 07, 2006

Morning Shorts

No sooner did iff find out about the existence of a grilled cheese specialty shop in NYC than we sadly hear of its untimely demise, via Eater. Beyond sad bastard music, there's nothing iff likes more than gimmicky restaurants highlighting a single dish or ingredient. Tragically, Grilled Cheese NYC is off to the frying pan in the sky, but aficianados can always head west to Denver's Chedd's Gourment Grilled Cheese, which promises "you've never had grilled cheese like this!!". Meanwhile, NYers missing culinary gimmicks can continue to feed at the Peanut Butter Company. Today's comments thread is officially open for any readers who can suggest similar nosh halls around the world.

Meanwhile, MPR has posted an awesome in-studio set by M Ward, whose Post War is getting lots of time in iff's car. Ward performs "Eyes on the Prize," "Today's Undertaking," and "Magic Trick."

In related M Ward news, Rake claims to have uncovered "A Legitimate B-Movie Gem" in 2004's Dead Man's Shoes, whose soundtrack features Ward, Smog, Will Oldham and Calexico. Netflix queue's a callin'.

Finally, Bishop Allen's new July EP is out, and this great track is available for download. Buy July here.

MP3: Bishop Allen, Click Click Click Click

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Anonymous said...

There are a few restaurants in Paris specializing in a single ingredient: Rouge Tomate (tomatoes) and Pomze (apples).