Monday, September 11, 2006

Morning Shorts

Last week we reported on Mark Eitzel's new band, All The Lost Anchors of the Pacific, which features Dan Carr from Court and Spark, his wife Jen, and longtime Eitzel collaborater Kristin Sobditch, performing some new songs live with "spooky vocal harmonies". No word yet on more shows, but the new Eitzel songs are teriffic, and definitely complimented by the background vocals. The highlight for us is the singalong "All The Lost Souls Welcome You to San Francisco" ("It's gonna be used...Gavin loves it. He's gonna use it... advertising, shit like that."). Find it below, along with another new one, "Spinning". Eitzel will be touring Europe with American Music Club in November, performing their live soundtrack for director Frank Borzage's 1928 silent film, "Street Angel."

Slant slyly calls the new Yo La Tengo "a bloated, overreaching long-player in the tradition of bloated, overreaching long-players like Sign O' The Times, Exile On Main Street, and London Calling."

Through Scottish arts project FunctionSuite, which joins artists and hospitals, The Royal Edinburgh Hospital in Edinburgh is showing the exhibition "... and other stories" through September 29th. It features alternative and comic drawings from Kimya Dawson, Daniel Johnston and others.

Mark Kozelek's book of lyrics, set lists, and other stuff, Nights of Passed Over, previously available only through Portuguese import, will be reissued stateside by ex-Low bassist Zak Sally's La Mano 21 imprint:
Mark Kozelek ( of Red House Painters and Sun Kil Moon) and La Mano will be co-publishing a book of his lyrics (and ephemera) called "Nights of Passed Over". This book was originally published in Portugal, with both English and Portuguese translations. We will, obviously, be releasing just english: however, mark will also be submitting new material unavailable in the previous edition: a new introduction, the lyrics to Sun Kil Moon's "Ghost of the Great Highway," additional handwritten lyrics and setlists. RHP and SKM fans take note-- this version will be revamped and expanded, easy to find, and will be available through us and our distros and Mark's Caldo Verde website. Mark is a great guy and one hell of a songwriter, and we're both honored and happy to be working with him on this book. Look for this to be released by January or February next year.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Eitzel! I was at the show. Do you happen to have any of the other new songs he played?

Phattone said...

These are wonderful. Can I place a link to your post on my blog at

I am also happy to trade link if you want to.

Keep it up.


iff said...

Tony - please do! Not sure how to contact you. I've already linked to Highway Five.

QuarBy said...

great post! is there any way you could repost the songs? the links aren't working. thanks.

Anonymous said...

That's my Eitzel show recording. Glad to see you've picked up on it. There's allegedly a soundboard of it running around, but heaven knows as to its whereabouts...