Saturday, December 30, 2006

Weekend Shorts: Korn grows folk

Salon covers the "folk revival":

Ghost Mice is a Bloomington, Ind., duo that bridges the earnestness of Phil Ochs with a raw, do-it-yourself aesthetic. Ghost Mice singer Chris Clavin, who has provided a locus for the folk-punk trend with his own label, Plan-It-X, offers a theory to explain the recent emergence of so many seemingly unrelated folk currents.
"Music is getting boring again and the radio is dreadful," Clavin says. "Loud rock bands do the same old thing, cool dudes in tight pants and pretty girls with lipstick singing about nothing. I think people want more storytelling, being social animals like we are."
Um...thanks, Hoobastank!

Australian readers should check out Bill "Clear Skies" Callahan at a few January tour dates.

Portland's Local Cut music blog lists its top songs of the year, including Kind of Like Spitting's "If the Shoe Fits, Cut it Off", all of which you can listen to.

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