Friday, December 22, 2006

Weekend Shorts: Eitzel passes judgment, popcorn

You laugh at his jokes, you cry to his tunes. Why not watch a short film Mark Eitzel reacted to thusly: "Damn that was kinda perfect. Thank you for that". Damn, Mark, how did you get a gig as a juror in the Independent Lens Online Shorts Festival? The film he loved was one of ten winners, The McCombie Way, which profiles an 81-year-old woman who tends to 15 acres of desert with a smile on her face.

By God, Sebadoh are reuniting in the original lineup and going on tour. Has Lou put off his nursing plans for aging hipster loot? What's more, the band are building a trove of free live shows to download, from 1991 through 2005. Relive the Barlowenstein magic of yesteryear.

Swearing at Motorists head Dave Doughman has posted a pretty version of "Silver Bells". The reason? The season. Also, his mom used to sing it to him.

MP3: Swearing at Motorists - Silver Bells

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