Monday, December 25, 2006

Covers Call: Mac without cheese

I'll admit that Fleetwood Mac is pretty high on the list of bands that come to mind when I think of played-out classic rock dad-music. The Clinton inauguration pretty much shaved off any remaining edge they had. But, as excellent indie tributes to the likes of John Denver, Bread and Rick Nelson have demonstrated, today's songwriters can draw out the best from what you thought was the the worst.

Is Fleetwood Mac due a reevaluation, beyond the trip through the Corgan-grinder? Joel R. L. Phelps and Vetiver point to yes. "Songbird" comes from the spectacular mostly-covers release Inland Empires; "Save Me a Place" is from the 2004 EP Between.

MP3: Joel R.L. Phelps - Songbird (Fleetwood Mac cover)

MP3: Vetiver - Save Me a Place (Fleetwood Mac cover)

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Anonymous said...

Urgh. I wish the link to Save Me A Place worked. I just heard Vetiver open for Spoon and the Shins and loved this cover. I'm a huge Fleetwood Mac fan. Great concert.