Sunday, December 03, 2006

iff contest #2: Win a copy of Simon Joyner & the Fallen Men - To Almost No One: Singer Songwriter Series

"Singer-songwriter music is a passport to obscurity by definition. But even as they begin to resemble Sisyphus in these liner notes, the incredible thing is how they distinguished themselves from Dylan. They carved out niches. Dylan couldn't do Tim Buckley or Leonard Cohen and he couldn't do Neil Young. He couldn't do Loudon Wainwright or Gene Clark or Paul Siebel or Jackson C. Frank either. So it isn't that I'm talking about 2nd rate Dylans here. Because Dylan was so good, it made everyone work harder and we get these distinct artists out of the competition." - Simon Joyner, from the sleeve notes to To Almost No One: Singer Songwriter Series, Volumes 1 to 5.

Joyner released this box set of five 7" records with two covers apiece in 2001. Limited to 500 copies, packaged in a beautiful box with a print of an oil painting on top, this is a true gem of devotion to the song, of not forgetting those who were mostly not known to begin with. Spooky, genuine and truly educational. The nature of the medium, requiring regular flipping, means you'll spend more time with each tune. A pretty good idea in the digital age.

Volume 1 To Live Is To Fly (Townes Van Zandt)
Midnight Through Morning (David Blue)
Volume 2 Sandman's Song (Anne Briggs)
For A Spanish Guitar (Gene Clark)
Volume 3 The Visit (Jackson C. Frank)
Casey's Last Ride (Kris Kristofferson)
Volume 4 Janet Says (Jerry Jeff Walker)
In Search Of An Audience (Jim McCarthy)
Volume 5 My Town (Paul Siebel)
No More Songs (Phil Ochs)

iff has one copy of this box set to give away to a lucky reader this holiday season. Just email indiefolkforever and put "iff contest" in the title. We'll pick a random winner on Monday, December 11th.

WE HAVE A WINNER. Congratulations to Richard.

MP3: Simon Joyner - Medicine Blues