Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Morning Shorts

Mark Kozelek fans are not as lethargic as you might presume. They're mobilizing to compile a fan tribute to the RHP/SKM frontman, and an entry has surfaced on this new website "MySpace". One Brian Gunther cites Danny Elfman and George Carlin as influences, so it stands to reason he would turn in a pretty nice cover of Koz's "Leo and Luna", from this year's See You on the Moon kindie comp.

MP3: Brian Gunther - Leo and Luna (Mark Kozelek cover)

Eric Bachmann talks about his childhood and influences to the Tucson Weekly:

"Bachmann, 36, has loved and played music most of his life. He remembers his three first records, which his mother bought for him when he was 4 years old. "We lived in Nashville, and my mom absolutely loved country music. One of the records was Glen Campbell's Rhinestone Cowboy; another was Johnny Cash, At Folsom Prison. And the third was a Phyllis Diller children's record." As Bachmann hit his teenage years, he discovered Devo, Mission of Burma, Television, John Lennon and a little heavy metal. During high school, his first band was named Iron Beagle. "I think I peaked out at that point in terms of band names.""

Following up on the other days' Fleetwood Mac covers post: Fluxblog posts Neko Case and the New Pornographers covering "Dreams".

When Kimya Dawson posted a turd that resembles a cock and balls, I deemed it, while unique, not quite Morning Shorts material. When said turd gets press coverage, tho, by God, it is news. Seattle's alt-weekly The Stranger's got the poop on the poop in an interview.

My favorite Onion post every year: The Least Essential Albums of 2006.

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