Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Coke/Pop Rocks, Hutch & Kathy of The Thermals: Urban Legends

Way way back in 2002, before rocking with northwestern favorites The Thermals, Hutch Harris and Kathy Foster had an indie-folk past. There was 2002's Jealous Butcher release of the lovably DIY Hutch & Kathy, from which perfect-pop-song candidate "An Infinite Loop" leaped into many a car playlist, sending Kimya Dawson fans swooning.

But...even before Hutch & Kathy, Hutch and Kathy were in a group called Urban Legends, who put out a bunch of 7" records and an EP of basement pop-folk. The good folks at Contraphonic records have done some compilin' and brought you best-of Of Old Lost Days that, while not available in shops til January 23rd, is available online now. Along with melodies to hum all day, there's a personal warmth and energy to their lo-fi tunes, the kind that lets them get away with singing lines like "the world is strange and I am amazed just to be living" and have you really believe it.

MP3: Urban Legends - The World is Strange