Friday, December 08, 2006

Pernice Brothers, Black Cat, Washington, DC, 12/6/2006

For your consideration, some pictures from Wednesday's Pernice Brothers show at the Black Cat. I'll defer to DCist's fine review, except to say that Joe's evolving songwriting makes for an increasingly rollercoaster-y emotional experience when the songs are mashed up in a set list (the bliss-out fatalism of World Won't End classics like "Flaming Wreck" and beautiful bummers like the title track from Pernice debut Overcome by Happiness juxtaposed with the semi-hopeful, romantic tunes from Live a Little ("Somerville", "PCH-1")) . There's a slow creep of satisfaction and acceptance that's a welcome counterpoint to a catalog thick with power-pop misery. Great show all around!

MP3: Pernice Brothers - Somerville