Saturday, January 27, 2007

Weekend Shorts: New Innocence Mission; Jeffrey Lewis Comes Alive

Badman has blessed us with a song from the upcoming Innocence Mission album We Walked in Song, due March 13th. It's got the typically immersive, shimmering beauty you'd expect from the group; combined with dreamy lyrics on the joys of morning walks in Brooklyn, it's almost narcotic.

MP3: The Innocence Mission - Into Brooklyn, Early in the Morning

Dave Fischoff contributes a list of favorite musical things to Dusted Magazine, and mentions one of my very favorite Leonard Cohen songs, "One of Us Cannot Be Wrong":

Yes, Dylan is probably the more important songwriter, but it was Leonard Cohen who made the bigger impact on me as a lyricist. This song, from his first album, is a perfect example of what he does so well. The lyrics are strange, even surreal at times, but out of this weirdness come emotions that are completely universal. I think the third verse is my favorite: "I heard of a saint who had loved you / so I studied all night in his school. / He taught that the duty of lovers / is to tarnish the Golden Rule. / And just when I was sure / that his teachings were pure / he drowned himself in the pool. / His body is gone, / but back here on the lawn / his spirit continues to drool." This is also the only song I’ve ever covered since I started making records; there’s a version I recorded a long time ago for an obscure vinyl-only Norwegian compilation that’s (thankfully) very out of print. Mr. Cohen’s version is much better.
Kirstiecat posts a review, pictures and setlist from Ron Sexsmith's Chicago show. As usual the pictures are amazing. Ron cancelled his show here in Northern Virginia due to voice issues but with any luck will reschedule soon.

Behold, a video for Jeffrey Lewis' "Williamsburg Will Oldham Horror".


Kirstie said...

I am so sorry that he canceled his show. I hope he does come around again soon so you can see him again. Have you seen him before? This was my first time!

Hugh said...

I had tickets to see Ron at the cancelled Jammin' Java show in Vienna. I showed up to the venue and was really depressed when I found out that the show wasn't happening. I hope that he reschedules soon. The new album has some very nice songs.

Anonymous said...

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