Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Morning Shorts: The Lite-FM Lazarus

A must read: Rob Harvilla's oddly touching piece in The Voice on the unlikely resurgence of Duncan "mom-rock" Sheik's career on Broadway. Yup, Duncan has written the music for hit Spring Awakening, a story of sexually curious 19th century German teenagers who like to spit...no, really! "He's a fantastic schmaltz apologist, a water filter for grating musical cheese. Thanks to him, you can safely drink from Spring's well." Harvilla is barely breathing in awe. They're toasting Duncan at Sardi's tonight...someone forward this to Tal Bachman.

Unfinished has the scoop on Novi Split, whose new record from Hush is due in March. Lead Splitter David J used to play in Kind of Like Spitting (he and Ben Barnett duet throughout their Phil Ochs tribute Learn), and J has this to say about his relationship with Ben: "There’s no reason Ben & I should be friends at all. I met him while I was on tour with The Real Diego. He’s the kind of guy who will invite you to a vegan dinner at his house, but when you get to his house you realize that he’s not vegan and your not getting dinner cause he ate like a half hour ago."

Aquarium Drunkard has a great solo acoustic live set from Neil Young done for the BBC in 1971.

One of the original music blogs, from the 90s, Glen McDonald' War Against Silence now mainly resurfaces to crunch music poll numbers in new and interesting ways. He's produced "critical alignment ratings" for Idolator's Jackin' Pop poll - in other words, how much each ballot was similar to other ballots. iff is 459th out of 476 ballots, but for impressive lack of synch you'll need to visit the choices of Stefan Shepard, the most singular list among voters that actually voted for 10 albums. (He's #475; #476 voted for one album.)


Hugh said...

Haha, that comment from David is about two years old. I was never sure how serious to take it.

Anonymous said...

Aw man, he was too hard on Duncan Sheik...I still have a soft spot in my heart for that first record. Then again, I also still like Jars of Clay (kind of) -- I saw them play together in 1996!
PS: Thanks for the link! (it looks like it's pointing to the wrong blog though)