Tuesday, January 09, 2007

New Release Tuesday - Oh Canada!

Today brings the late US arrival of two discs that musically savvy, poutine-loving folks have been enjoying for some time now.

Ron Sexsmith - Time Being (buy it)

Ironworks is bringin' Sexsmith back...to the US. Out almost a year in Canada, Ron's latest finds him reliably serving up more of the throwback mope and chiming melodies you love. Catch him and band tonight on Conan, see him on tour, and stream the video for lead single "All in Good Time" here. It's a cartoon, and Ron's hair looks like a big ball of chocolate chip cookie dough.

Sloan - Never Hear the End of It (buy it)

Idolator noted the fine, fine stylings of Sloan today, who chug along the pop-underground railroad, unstoppable. This new release, another Canuck-job from 2006 that's just made it across the border, has a whopping thirty tracks, including the awesome "Listen to the Radio", which just sounds like something good you'd hear after Badfinger circa 1970-something FM. Check their MySpace for the track.

Also out...

Which Side Are You On? The Best of the Almanac Singers (buy it)

Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, planting the seeds of urban folk that would one day bloom again thanks to the fine folks at Rev-ola. Appalachian folk meets big-city rabble-rousing, this is the soundtrack you need for all your 1940s picket line reenactment plans. 30 tracks on a single disc, their whole output in one swoop.
(Allmusic lists this in their new releases for tomorrow, but Amazon says this came out in November. In any case, it's new to me.)

The Lost Songs of Nick Garrie-Hamilton: Selected Recordings 1968-2002 (buy it)

Another Rev-ola reissue with release date issues, this psych-folk collection compiles various and sundry obscurities from a man with an All Music bio that's hard to believe. Between cutting a legendary album (The Nightmare of J.B. Stanislas), topping the Spanish pop charts and opening for Leonard Cohen, he operated a ballooning company and managed a ski resort. Popjunkie.tv calls him "Nick Drake on Prozac", and has a ridiculous domain name.

Stream some NGH at his MySpace.

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