Tuesday, January 23, 2007

New Release Tuesday: It's Raining Records

After weeks of skimpy NRTs, a motherlode of discs lands today. The mainline indie releases are getting saturation coverage in the blogosphere: The Shins, The Broken West, Of Montreal, Deerhoof. Some other discs you might want to pick up:

Arboretum - Rites of Uncovering (buy it)

Oldham associate Dave Heumann's band Arboretum brings the stoner folk like no other, with a hat-tip to Paul Bowles. Check it out on their MySpace.

Julie Doiron - Woke Myself Up (buy it)

Eric's Trip is back for a few songs on the new Julie Doiron solo outing. Tiny Mix Tapes likes, says 3 1/2 stars.

MP3: Julie Doiron - No More

Chris Garneau - Music for Tourists (buy it)

At first his voice was a little too...mewling, but it grew on me. Spare piano ballads get me every time. This interview in the Village Voice is pretty funny, too: "I suggest he might get compared to Rufus Wainwright. This riles him up. "Just because I play the piano?" he says. "So do a lot of other people." I inadvertently annoy him several times actually—earlier I had told him that his album was great, and that it had the potential to resonate with housewives and young girls and Ryan Adams fans alike. He responded with a distant "OK.""

MP3: Chris Garneau - Not Nice

David Kilgour - The Far Now (buy it)

Sixth solo album from Clean member; the advance track, "BBC World", is great overcast sunshine pop.

MP3: David Kilgour - BBC World

Drakkar Sauna - Jabraham Lincoln (buy it)

My exposure to these folks is limited to a few songs, but I love what I hear. The vinyl came out last year; this is the CD issue. "Instead of taking the easy coffee-shop route, Drakkar Sauna infuse their front-porch folk music with an absurd Captain Beefheart spin ... it's an extremely smart, hilarious, musical, and oblique combination for all you fans of The Fall that keep a couple of Elliot Smith singles under the mattress," says the Portland Mercury.

MP3: Drakkar Sauna - Om, John Surratt
Listen to their Daytrotter session

Madeline - The Slow Bang (buy it)

Sweet and lonesome folk songs from Orange Twin. "To Hell and Back" is especially worth your download time.

MP3: Madeline - To Hell and Back
MP3: Madeline - Sleeping Dogs

MV & EE with the Bummer Road - Green Blues (buy it)

These guys are hard to pin down; pscyh-blues-folk rave-ups built to last, from the little I've heard. On Thurston Moore's Ecstatic Peace label.

MP3: MV & EE - East Mountain Joint

Alasdair Roberts - The Amber Gatherers (buy it)

Supposedly, this is more upbeat than the usual vintage Scottish folk; lead track "Old Man of the Shells" says no.

MP3: Alasdair Roberts - Old Man of the Shells

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