Friday, January 05, 2007

Morning Shorts: Fionn Regan is in moving pictures

I don't watch very many videos, so this is played-out gimmickry for all I know, but Fionn Regan's new clip for "Be Good or Be Gone" had me transfixed; you get five seconds apiece of him playing everywhere from supermarkets to cow pastures with the acoustics adjusted accordingly. You can watch a short clip quickly here and download the whole honking thing here. (YouTube has let us down).

The Guardian gives us 2007's "Original Soundtrack", and covers The Shins' James Mercer's harrowing experience of buying a first house next door to a crack house.

Some nice concert pics have popped up, of Bill Callahan & Joanna Newsom (via The Rawking Refuses to Stop!) and Jeffrey Lewis (via The Merry Swankster).

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