Monday, November 13, 2006

New Release Tuesday

Laura Gibson - If You Come to Greet Me (buy it)

The cover's a good hint. Continuing in a long tradition of exporting Portland's finest, Hush brings us Laura Gibson's spare, honest folk songs custom-made for late fall/early winter daydreams. Backed by an all-star Norfolk & Western cast, Gibson has made an album no iff reader should miss.

MP3: Laura Gibson - Hands in Pocket

Joanna Newsom - Ys (buy it)

What to say? Being old-school I haven't heard it yet but I'm sure the woman who turned Bill away from Smog has something powerful up her frock. The link above is for the CD, but why not go for the 2LP gatefold vinyl? Lugging around a harp can't be too much fun, so go see her on the tour, too.

Various Artists - Do It Again : A Tribute to Pet Sounds
(buy it)

The Oldham Brothers doing "Wouldn't It Be Nice". Micah P. Hinson with "I'm Waiting for the Day". Daniel Johnston's take on "God Only Knows". The most annoying web site ever. It's Pet Sounds from Brian's sandbox years. My money's on Bonnie Billy making this worth it.

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coach said...

iff, tell me what new music to get my dad for xmas. he's all shins pernice brothers listenin.