Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Morning Shorts

I have no pictures to share, but I've caught three great shows in the last week or so. Donovan tonight somehow sounded just like the 60s and all the enthusiasm the "Mellow Yellow" encore provoked was geniune. Micah P. Hinson sounded like a cross between Vic Chesnutt and early, screamy Hayden. Centro-Matic (with Bobby Bare, Jr.) played their country drawl perfectly against power-pop exuberance. Check the links for the handful of dates each have remaining on their tours.

I do have pictures of the talented Corrina Repp, appearing last night with Norfolk & Western, to be schlepped up on this site tomorrow.

Despite some disagreement in my household I remain convinced that George W. is a secret free-jazz saxophonist. This news and a full report on the Three Million Tongues Festival in Chicago featuring Bert Jansch, courtesy Kirstiecat.

Mark Eitzel and a bunch of other folks are participating in The American Beauty Project, paying tribute to the Grateful Dead's Workingman's Dead and American Beauty, in NY in January.

Pitchfork has the scoop on the new Dean Wareham/Britta Phillips album, due February 27th. They chat with Dean on post-Luna relations: "Wareham told us he still keeps up with his former Luna bandmates, although "I haven't seen [guitarist] Sean [Eden] in quite a long time, which is strange after seeing each other every week for, like, 12 years. And he only lives about a block away from me, too.""

Drag City has kindly posted a preview track from the upcoming Alasdair Roberts album, The Amber Gatherers.

MP3: Alasdair Roberts - The Old Men of the Shells

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cinchel said...

opps..i think you goofed on the second kirstiecat link. they both link to the wonderful picture of mackay. here is the link to the write-up @ kirstiecat