Thursday, November 23, 2006

Corrina Repp, DC9, Washington, DC, 11/20/06

On a cold and quiet Monday night in DC, Corrina Repp opened the night for touring partners Norfolk & Western and local duo Georgie James' Laura Burhenn.

Repp has put out a couple of great lo-fi torch folk records for Hush Records, and is touring in support of her new one, The Absent and the Distant, on Mark Kozelek's Caldo Verde Records.

Repp and her bandmate played a nice 45-odd-minute set covering her catalog. Repp played most of the set with her guitar, shifting to the keyboard for a few tunes and the drums for one. There's a casual intensity to her songs, which are full of offhand, genuine emotional honesty - the kind of thing you can't really fake. I didn't make a note of the setlist, but the MySpace-downloadable "I'll Walk You Out" sounded even better live, the piano notes playing off the silences and Repp's everyday thoughts transforming into otherworldy unease.

Catch the rest of the tour dates on her MySpace.

MP3: Corrina Repp - I'll Walk You Out

MP3: Corrina Repp - Finally

MP3: Corrina Repp - Upstairs, Outside

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