Monday, November 13, 2006

Morning Shorts

Kirstiecat comes through as usual with a review & pics of the new Mr. Doomed, Micah P. Hinson performing at Schubas, Chicago.

The Chicago Tribune talks to Bert Jansch and Vashti Bunyan about the "new folk movement": "None of the labels applied to this music -- `freak folk,' `new weird Americana' -- make sense to me," Bunyan says. "The only link between us is individualism. I don't mind being lumped in with them, but I think it's the wrong way around. These people opened up an area of music that my music could finally fit into. They made my music visible."

WMBR college radio has a show, Phoning It In, where your favorite indie rock layabouts call and perform - live! Mac from Portastatic, Scout Niblett, The Wrens, Jens Lekman, Simon Joyner, Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, even Graham Smith from Kleenex Girl Wonder. It's a lo-fi Daytrotter Ma Bell can love. They've also got a blog featuring all the performances in MP3, although you'll need to download the streams, then open them in text editors for the actual MP3 file link... someone's a little possessive of bandwith.

Speaking of Graham Smith, his new band, Graham Smith & Herbs, has a Monday residency this month at NYC's Pianos, including a show tonight. His last solo album, Final Battle, combines his amazing hook-making ability with endless streams of charming, knowingly neurotic lyrics.

MP3: Graham Smith - HDTV

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