Monday, November 06, 2006

New Release Tuesday

Karen Dalton - In My Own Time (buy it)

Beloved by most any songwriter from the 70s and plenty since, this reissue of Dalton's solo album from 1971. Her vocals are a bit of an acquired taste, but oh the grit! Light in the Attic is pimping out the money quote: "My favorite singer in the place was Karen Dalton. Karen had a voice like Billie Holiday's and played the guitar like Jimmy Reed." - Bob Dylan

MP3: Karen Dalton - Katie Cruel

Linda Draper - Traces Of EP (buy it)

Draper's new EP features the haunting (really!) title track previously spotlighted on iff, along with a Phil Ochs and Harry Nilsson covers and an alternate version of Draper's "Big Blue Sky". Draper is a rising star in the iff jukebox, a clear-voiced wonder who pairs her vocal beauty with touches of all-too-genuine sadness, resignation and resolve.

MP3: Linda Draper - The Priest Who Colored Like Elvis (live)
MP3: Linda Draper - Colorblind (live)

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