Sunday, October 01, 2006

Laura Gibson and Forestry

The esteemed Hush Records has a new signee, Laura Gibson, who along with her Forestry (aka members of Norfolk and Western) have a record coming out on Hush November 28th.

First off, to get you interested, some connections. Laura's recording her new album with Adam Selzer of Norfolk & Western, as well as Dylan Magierek of Badman Recordings, who has recorded the likes of Mark Kozelek and the Innocence Mission. She recently performed on stage with M. Ward on a small east-coast jaunt.

Her MySpace sounds-like says "an old jazz singer, a wide-eyed kid". I'd say it's the sound of fall falling, of brutal summer yielding to lazy, dusky, blanketed fall. In other words, comfort music, in the best way. Gibson's warm nylon-stringed guitar is an ideal instrument for her songs, sidling the fence between sultry and gentle, and when the subtle strings and horns kick in, it's all you can do to keep from closing your eyes and drifting away. The trumpet in particular adds a rich, lonely tone not heard by these ears since early Belle & Sebastian.

Reference points here are Edith Frost and Rosie Thomas, but Gibson's got a sound all her own, the creative arrangements and a certain special catch in her voice making this really distinctive.
You can buy her debut EP here, and try to catch her on a few upcoming dates, including the Hush CMJ showcase at NYC's Living Room November 1.

MP3: Laura Gibson - Hands in Pocket

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