Thursday, October 26, 2006

Morning Shorts

A few live shows worth your time have popped up online. David Dondero's June 29th show in Houston opening for Tilly and the Wall, complete with an OK new song ("San Francisco") and a reworked version of his great anti-war tune "Pre-Invasion Jitters". Plus, the taper has been kind enough to include the "Outro", which is nothing but between-set PA reggae. Woot.

Also up is Mark Kozelek's show at the Parish in Austin on 10/11, featuring his cover of Bob Seger's "Main Street" and lots of great heckling. Blogger Crazy Talk recalls: "When an audience member asked Kozelek why he didn't just bring more guitars so he didn't have to waste time going in and out of different tunings, Kozelek replied, "You know what, I do have another guitar in the back. It's the one I'm going to break over your face!"" Koz also mocks the sexual skillz of text messagers. Unfortunately it's in the form of one long Mp3 but you know you want to listen to it straight through anyway.

iff would love to profile more up-and-coming saddoes and folkies, so send some suggestions our way.

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