Thursday, October 19, 2006

Morning Shorts

Flower power wunderkind, Dylan dissee in Don't Look Back, elder hippie: Donovan's got a pretty staggering catalogue of great tunes and is making a victory lap with a recent autobiography, box set, and a recently announced passel of US East coast November tour dates. Best clip on his website I've found so far is this 2005 performance on KFOG's morning show, where he humbly introduces one of his "many, many top-20 hits".

Kirstiecat has a knack for making it to great shows I miss. Check out her amazing picture set from Nina Nastasia's Chicago show, along with a nice write-up.

Vee Device over at the music borg MOG has posted a fine review of iff's September Pick of the Momth, The Places' Songs for Creeps: "If Emmylou Harris had written OK Computer, it might sound like this...Like Radiohead’s magnum opus, Amy Annelle’s latest album is awash with swirling eddies of atmospheric paranoia, self-derision, doubt and longing. Those feelings are wrapped in a warble that, like Harris’, sounds neither here nor there — as if the singing is an exorcism of demons we’ll never know or comprehend. But with Songs for Creeps, we at least catch glimpses of them."

Kill Rock Stars may be shuttering its experimental sister label 5RC, but it has a huge trove of free downloads, including iff favorites The Robot Ate Me, as well as Sleater Kinney, Elliott Smith, Comet Gain, The Gossip, and more. Pay special attention to The Robot Ate Me's mind-bogglingly great "On Vacation", which quivers its way into your heart with its mix of hope, fear and suntan lotion.

MP3: The Robot Ate Me - On Vacation

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