Monday, October 30, 2006

New Release Tuesday

Not too much of interest to iff this week, although we salute both Meat Loaf and Bang Tango for soldiering on with awesomely ridiculous 80s album covers. Don't they know 12-year old boys don't buy albums anymore?

Willie Nelson - Songbird (buy it)

It's Slant vs. Pop Matters in this Ryan Adams-Willie Nelson-Great American Songbook mashup. Pop Matters gives a mostly positive 7: "Producer Adams brings out the Lone Star septuagenarian’s rougher side, and simultaneously shows off the sheer prettiness of Nelson’s artistry." Slant rebuts: "Songbird sounds like—I shit you not—a jam session between the Jayhawks and Wesley Willis. Adams's affected production brings on the gospel choirs and delay-pedaled lap steels so heavily that it's nearly impossible to detect a melody in any of the instrumentation. And Nelson gives his weakest vocal performance to date, slurring through Fleetwood Mac's "Songbird" and Gram Parsons's "$1000 Wedding" like a drunk in a karaoke bar." Ouch! Do you get a prize for recording the 1 millionth cover of "Hallelujah"?

Stream: The whole album

Andy Partridge - Fuzzy Warbles Collectors Album (buy it)

Andy Patridge of XTC finishes up his 8-volume Fuzzy Warbles odds-n-sods series with a collection of all tunes in a stamp-set box with a bonus EP, book, and actual stamp set. This is a pretty standard fans-only closet-cleaning, but a must-buy for fans of the classic pop soundz.

MP3: Andy Partidge - Sonic Boom
Watch: A whole bunch of XTC live performances and videos

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