Sunday, March 11, 2007

Weekend Shorts: Richard Swift covers Prince

Secretly Canadian has stuck up a cover of Prince's "Paisley Park" by Richard Swift, which comes from the Kisses For the Misses 7". Makes you wonder what Swift couldn't cover. The 7" is out May 22nd.

MP3: Richard Swift - Paisley Park (Prince cover)

The New York Times reports on the passing of folksinger Mark Spoelstra, who moved from Kansas City to New York in the 1960s and performed with Dylan, and later showed up in Chronicles Vol. 1 and No Direction Home. Collector's Choice records recently reissued his first two albums, Five and Twenty Questions and State of Mind, both of which touch on the Vietnam war. There's not much in the way of sounds online for Mark, but the samples at the Amazon links above show a classic 60s folk sound and nicely rough-hewn voice.

The Guardian reports that Pope Benedict XVI once tried to stop Dylan from performing at the Vatican.

Uberdrivel has a review and pictures of the NYU Mirah/The Blow/Liz Isenberg show; included are lots of downloads from Mirah and The Blow sessions at KSDT.

Bright Eyes was guest DJ on NPR's All Songs Considered, which you can download as a podcast. Selections include Neil Young and Jackson Browne.

Across the Rooftops review and provides the setlist for the final Sodastream show.

Pitchfork has the details and track lists for two upcoming releases: Joanna Newsom's EP And the Ys Street Band and Iron & Wine's full-length The Shepherd's Dog.

Stereogum spots a familiar indie folk voice in the trailer for The Hills Have Eyes 2.


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