Friday, March 02, 2007

Morning Shorts: Dan Bern tours, Sebadoh speaks

Dan Bern has announced a bunch of new tour dates in the US in May:

May 16th - Alexandria, VA, The Birchmere
May 18th - Doylestown, PA, Puck (2 shows)
May 19th - Newark, DE, East End Cafe
May 20th - Piermont, NY, Turning Point Cafe (2 shows)
May 22nd & 23rd - Boston, MA, Club Passim

MP3: Dan Bern - Trudy

Lou Barlow and Jason Lowenstein talk to Seattle Weekly about their reunion and the lo-fi movement vs. the sound quality of MySpace:
"You would have to really intentionally make something go terribly wrong on a cassette multitrack recording to make it sound as bad as the warbly, compressed, pinched, thin-sounding underwater crap sound of a sound file played through the MySpace file compression engine. MySpace is a needle-in-a-haystack kind of way to find new music, and then even if you do find something, it really sounds like fried shit."
Pitchfork also has some pictures of their first reunion show in San Diego.

Linda Draper plays tonight at the Sidewalk Cafe, the spiritual home of antifolk in NYC. She's got a new record, Keepsake, that we'll talk up soon. In the meantime head over to her MySpace to listen.

Stereogum has a new Laura Veirs song, "To the Country".

iff fave Saturday Looks Good to Me sign to K Records and announce some West coast tour dates. Their next record Fill Up the Room will be out September 11th. The Metro Times Music Blahg has more details.

Just in case you didn't see it anywhere else, Absolutely Kosher has made available Chris Garneau's cover of Elliott Smith's "Between the Bars".

MP3: Chris Garneau - Between the Bars (Elliott Smith)

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