Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Morning Shorts: Joni, Richard, Dean & Britta

The Guardian's Paul Sexton talks to a musically born-again Joni Mitchell:

Mitchell makes frequent eye contact, smoking prodigiously. She talks about the "pornographic pigs" of the modern music machine, who care only about "golf and rappers"; it's a subject she can now tackle with a hearty laugh, no longer bothered by their belief that her sell-by date has been reached, and delighted to be embarking on her busiest and most productive schedule for more than a decade.

Kirstiecat has the requisite pics, review and setlist from the Chicago Dean & Britta show, which featured lots of Luna classics.

Aquarium Drunkard has Gillian Welch doing Radiohead's "Black Star", and The Rawking Refuses to Stop! is featuring Elliott Smith covers of the Kinks and the Beatles.

Richard Thompson has a new anti-war song, "Dad's Gonna Kill Me", available on his web site.

MP3: Richard Thompson - Dad's Gonna Kill Me

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