Saturday, March 17, 2007

Trumpeting Slarffenland

The trumpet is a powerful thing, especially when it shows up in the middle of a doomy, cinematic song of alienation. "Polaroids" by the Danish band Slarffenland builds and builds, from a few lonesome guitar wails to a verse just slightly warmer than your average Joy Division tune. Then the trumpet's lonesome wail comes in just as the singer lets out "let me out" and the scope of the song expands considerably.

Slarffenland appear tonight at SXSW at Hometapes' Friend Island venue. Their new record Private Cinema is out on Hometapes May 15th.

MP3: Slarffenland - Polaroids


Anonymous said...

That's really a beutifull song but I think that might actually be a trombone and not a trumpet ;-) anyway it's an amazing song!

thomas zar zar said...

Isn't it both a trumpet and a trombone? Anyway I love the music too.

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