Tuesday, May 01, 2007

New Release Tuesday: Gratuitous covers edition

Robbie Fulks has an enticing new double-live document, Revenge (buy it), with one disc a band rave-up and the other an acoustic affair. The latter features a cover of Cher's "Believe" (which you can listen to via Yep Roc's Media Room) and a duet with Kelly Hogan on the Carter Family's "Away out on the Old Saint Sabbath".
That's about all that caught my eye this week to seek out at the record shop. But one thing I have to recommend that came out a few months back is Saturday Looks Good to Me and Flashpap'r frontman Fred Thomas' solo album Sink Like a Symphony (buy it), full of ever-satisfying, sad la-la-la codas and lo-fi folk goodness that should heavily appeal to fans of Kind of Like Spitting, Bishop Allen and just plain good music. Big thumbs up.

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