Monday, May 07, 2007

Monday shorts: saddest songs

There's a new Mark Eitzel live comp, Ten Years of Tears, featuring covers of Joy Division and Springsteen. New all-Eitzel blog The Invisible Blog has the scoop. Currently it's only available on import (I paid around 20 bucks American for my copy, en route) so you may want to wait for a domestic version.
Spinner has a list, with audio clips, of what they deem the 25 saddest songs, ever. What's more, it's mostly pretty good ("Space Oddity", "The River"), and even unpredictably deep: #15 is Chocolate Genius' great 1998 tune "My Mom" from his Eitzel-inflected album Black Music; Spinner also mentions he's been a sideman to Springsteen of late, which I didn't know; good on him. But the real shocker is at #1: The Pernice Brothers' "Chicken Wire", of all things: "Breathy Massachusetts sad sacks offer a lovely ballad about a woman choking to death on exhaust fumes ... and a cloud of minor chords." That's right, Joe and the boys edged out Martina McBride by nine slots!

But seriously, if you're digging that deep: no Eitzel? And what of Smog's "Left Only With Love", I ask?

Pitchfork has the roundup on a handful of upcoming dates from the Mountain Goats, including a couple of benefit shows in NY for the very worthy Farm Santuary charity, which "rescues animals from all kinds of situations and gives them a place to live out the natural terms of their lives in peace and tranquility." Darnielle is "still batting around the idea of a fan-constructed set where you give more donations the deeper into the back catalog you go. That set would probably be on Sunday [June 17]."

The 'fork also notes an upcoming Guilty Pleasures comp in which indie heroes cover the likes of Blue Oyster Cult and Cher. Luna doing Paula Abdul's "Straight Up" is clearly reason enough to get this.

Most critics are falling over themselves to praise the new Elliott Smith comp out tomorrow on KRS. It comes from the pre-big-band era, definitely his best.

As if the record store business wasn't doomed enough...this is completely crazy.

You can win free Leonard Cohen stuff from Salon if you send them some Cohen-related gushing by 5pm tomorrow.

The Ladybug Transistor is an always reliable source of retro-inflected pop goodness. They have a new album out June 5th on Merge, Can't Wait Another Day and a tour going on now; check out lead track "Three Days from Now".


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