Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Morning Shorts

A new show is up on the Internet from Dan Bern, not from his current tour, but from the Indian Lookout Country Club "Gathering of the Vibes", in possibly scenic Mariaville, NY, in 2003. Bern's in fine voice, and the short set's got one of my favorite non-album Bern tracks, a longtime concert staple that wouldn't work nearly as well in the studio. "The Fifth Beatle" is frentic showmanship unbound, featuring Bern's Ringo Starr singing a Harrison/Ono tune, "Bansai Tree" ("Bansai tree for you/and a bansai tree for me...)".

MP3: Dan Bern - The Fifth Beatle

It's Hard to Find a Friend (a very good blog and, in my opinion, the best Pedro the Lion album) has a selection of Dave Bazan's covers, including a classic take on Radiohead's "Let Down".

The New York Times covers Daniel Johnston's recent show: "Without a guitar, Mr. Johnson’s hands trembled constantly, yet he sang with plaintive conviction. Though he looked vulnerable, he could rely on his songs."

The 46th Annual Philadelphia Folk Festival has announced its initial lineup; the names so far include Doc Watson, Mavis Staples and Elvis Perkins, thought I suspect you'll see some other biggies added. Recent years have had headliners such as Jackson Browne, Richard Thompson, Rogen McGuinn and Joan Baez. The orgy of 60s revivalism/family-friendly snooze-folk, punctuated by some great performers, is in August.

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