Tuesday, April 10, 2007

New Release Tuesday ...plus one we missed

Fast becoming one of my favorite labels, Gnomonsong is releasing Jana Hunter's second album There's No Home (buy it) tomorrow. Sadly no download is available, but you can hear the gently prickly "Babies" at her MySpace. This is the sort of personal songwriting that you want to take pleasure in savoring; listen to the slight variations in the insistent offbeat chord. Pick of the week!

Laura Veirs returns with Saltbreakers (buy it); a few songs from the record are up on her MySpace, including "Don't Lose Yourself", a jerky track with dub elements that makes me think Karl Blau had a hand in it, or at least an influence.

Finally, I was remiss in not posting on power-pop eminence Mitch Easter's new record, Dyamico (buy it), which came out a few weeks ago. "Time Warping" is more proof that good loud hooks & strained, lovelorn vocals are all you need. He's touring the Southeast in May and playing Let's Active songs, by request, for half the gig.

MP3: Mitch Easter - Time Warping

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Caleb said...

Thanks for the heads up on the Veirs tracks. So excited for her new recordwhatsupman