Thursday, April 26, 2007

More New Releases

A few things more I didn't mention yesterday...

The wonderfully named Whiting Tennis is not only a singer-songwriter but a visual artist of some acclaim. His new album Three Leaf Clover (buy it) is instantly appealing due to the airy, intimate production that creates a close-in feeling. The songwriting reminds me of Neil Young with a touch of Robyn Hitchcock or even Bevis Frond, with country, folk and psychadelic elements all on the verge of implosion. Listen to Whiting on his MySpace.

Also, if you're picking up Bill Callahan's Woke on a Whaleheart, be sure to supplement it with the Diamond Dancer single, for the brilliant b-side "Taken". A palm-muted guitar repeats a catchy hook over gentle rhythm guitar as Bill deadpans "In every picture you take of me, I look like a dog". The line is pitched somewhere between sheepish and silly. It's a rewarding moment of vulnerability, especially if you've been following Mr. Callahan's career, looking for cracks in the armor. If it seems too much to buy a single with one bonus track, you can also download the song off of eMusic.

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