Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Morning Shorts

Loudon Wainwright III will appear in and release the soundtrack for Judd Apatow's summer comedy blockbuster Knocked Up! I'm already excited about Knocked Up, but this kicks the fever pitch up to 11. The soundtrack will be out May 22nd and is called Strange Weirdos: Music From And Inspired By The Motion Picture Knocked Up.

Spin has the scoop and pictures on an invite-only NYC Fader show with Bill Callahan and special guests, along with who a series of hipsters think would make "the ultimate indie rock power couple".

The Invisible Blog ponders the eerily similar career paths of Mark Eitzel and Bob Mould. Meanwhile, Mould has a new advice column set to debut on Thursday in the Washington City Paper and needs your questions.

Lullabyes has a great Bishop Allen set from SXSW.

I'm debating whether to go to the Xiu Xiu/Castiotone show tonight; anyone with intel on this tour should feel free to chime in. This is a cover from the upcoming 5RC Xiu Xiu remix/cover comp.

MP3: Kid606 - Fabulous Muscles (Xiu Xiu cover)


Calum Marsh said...

You'll regret it if you don't go to Xiu/Casiotone - hope you haven't already missed it!

Anonymous said...

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