Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Morning Shorts

The new Innocence Mission album We Walked In Song isn't in stores til March 13th, but you can get your copy direct from Badman now, and pre-order the vinyl, which will contain a bonus track. If you order both, you get a copy of the Lakes of Canada EP free.

Pitchfork posted some sparse info on Iron & Wine's upcoming album. It's called The Shepherd's Dog and will be out on Sup Pop in the fall.

Fionn Regan has added an LA show, March 12th at Spaceland with Low vs. Diamond and Berko. I posted a link to his video for "Be Good or Be Gone" a while ago, but there's a copy up on YouTube now that's much easier to view.

The New York Times has a really fine article profiling 67-year-old Judy Collins, who last night made her cabaret debut at the Carlyle, and will be there through March 3rd. She's working on an autobiographical one-woman show, will be given the tribute treatment on an upcoming album to feature Leonard Cohen, Chrissie Hynde and Dolly Parton.

Back in 2004, Tract Records issued a 2-disc Will Oldham tribute, limited to 500 copies. It's since been consolidated to one disc and reissued, along with a new track not on the original, Mark Kozelek's cover of "New Partner". It's highly recommended, and not just because I'm a sucker for tributes - it's also got fine contributions from Iron & Wine and Scout Niblett, among others. One of the songs that didn't make the cut onto the one-disc version is Diana Darby's quiet take on "Valentine's Day".

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schon said...

i have been looking for the second (bonus) disc of that for ever...especially the cover of 'hard life' (i think by tiger saw?)...ANY chance of posting that? perhaps a trade of some other rare oldham stuff for the whole disc? sorry, i am a desperate (pathetic?) oldham nerd. thanks!