Friday, February 23, 2007

Morning Shorts: Kimya Dawson barnstorms colleges

Daytrotter reviews Castiotone for the Painfully Alone's live act (he's covering "Streets of Philadelphia" with apparent sincerity) and posts a new session from Elvis Perkins.

The Boston Phoenix interviews Mark Linkous of Sparklehorse, who humbly recalls worrying no one would come to the shows this time around. Oh the redemption. I still need to give Dreamt for Light Years another shot (I gave it two when it came out, then indifferently shelved it), but there's always "Junebug".

Pitchfork has put up a song from Low's upcoming album Drums and Guns, "Breaker". Low was always one of those bands I liked, but didn't feel the need to own more than a few albums by. I was taken in more by the mood than the individual songs. This one takes a while to get going, then runs the percussion through one stereo channel and the vocals and keys through the other, mostly. This is OK, but doesn't really sway my opinion.

Aquarium Drunkard posts a Beth Orton/M. Ward live set from 2004.

You can't get enough Fionn Regan... Quiet Paws has an interview, The Independent gives his live show five stars, and he's added a second LA show, with Lisa Germano, March 13th at Largo.

Kimya Dawson is interviewed by The Ithican, and has some east coast tour dates, starting tonight.

2/23 Syracuse University w/ Diane Cluck
2/24 Alfred University w/ Diane Cluck, Gr. Glacier & Obvious Dolphin
2/25 ABC Cafe, Ithaca, NY, w/ Dufus, Angelo Spencer, Gr. Glacier & Obvious Dolphin
2/26 The Rugroom, New Paltz, NY w/Angelo Spencer, Gr. Glacier & Obvious Dolphin
2/27 Mountain View Manor, Hamden, CT w/James Downes, Angelo Spencer, Gr. Glacier & Obvious Dolphin
2/28 Europa Club, Brooklyn, NY w/ Bloody Social, The Sad Little Stars, Angelo Spencer, Gr. Glacier & Obvious Dolphin
3/1 Sarah Lawrence College w/Angelo Spencer, Gr. Glacier & Obvious Dolphin
3/3 Philadelphia, PA w/ Matty Pop Chart, Erin Tobey, Angelo Spencer, Gr. Glacier & Obvious Dolphin

I think this is a new song, and it's been showing up in her live sets. This is from a Seattle show at the Sunset Tavern last March.

MP3: Kimya Dawson - The Sound of Ataris (live)

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