Thursday, June 21, 2007

Liz Isenberg tours every place but DC

Not quite, but still. Those who live elsewhere should take advantage and catch Isenberg with Deertick and Diego Perez at the following dates, starting tomorrow.

6/22 - Las Vegas, NV - Jacob's House w/ Jacob Smigel
6/24 - Long Beach, CA - Alex's Bar w/ Jacob Smigel & Friendship Hurricane
6/27 - Santa Barbara, CA - Pink Mailbox
6/28 - San Francisco, CA - Hemlock Tavern
6/29 - Portland, OR - Dekum Manor
6/30 - Olympia, WA - What You Got Fest
7/01 - Seattle, WA - Jules Maes Saloon w/ Flaspar, A Crowd of Small Adventures & Morgans Orange
7/02 - Boise, ID - Pengilly's w/ Lo-fi (Starts at 7pm)
7/03 - Provo, UT - Muse Music w/ Drew Danbury
7/06 - Fort Collins, CO - SS7
7/07 - Manhattan, KS - The Dusty Bookshelf
7/09 - Des Moines, IA - Vaudville Mews
7/10 - Davenport, IA - Mondo Attic w/ Quiet Bears
7/11 - Oshkosk, WI - Reptile Palace w/ Patchwork & Expatriate
7/16 - Indianapolis, IN - Big Car Gallery
7/17 - Fort Wayne, IN - The Rejoice House
7/20 - Cleveland, OH Ð Tower 2012
7/21 - Athens, OH - Casa Cantina w/ Adam Torres
7/24 - Toronto, ON - The Tranzac


6billionghosts said...

"ida, could you take a look at this? a friend of mandy's is in pretty bad shape."

"ok." she said, her voice detached but clear. her blond hair was at her shoulders and in her eyes. she took a magic marker and began to draw shapes around kayleb's severed neck. she carefully chose a green marker and drew symbols around the wound. she was cautious to keep her hands away from the blood that was soaking the paper towels. the symbols layered over one another. she just kept adding them until they filled up all the available space up to his t-shirt,. there didn't seem to be any particular pattern but the individual symbols repeated over the course of the drawing. she filled up the first line, turned left, filled up that line, turned right, until she reached the bottom. then she asked neil to flip the body over so that she could get to the other side. neil had turned on the tv and was watching some sort of documentary on arabian people of the desert. it was closed captioned. he looked about ready to fall asleep by the time she had almost finished the second side.

little brother won't touch him. just dictates to mandy what to do because he likes computers, not people so much.

Anonymous said...

thank god i stumbled across this blog at 3am in kansas city, kansas, or else deertick would have taken us to davenport instead of des moines that morning! this reassures me its okay to drunkenly google my name sometimes, it saves hours of gas money.

Anonymous said...

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