Tuesday, August 29, 2006

New Release Tuesday

  • M Ward's Post War CD is out this week on Merge, a week after the LP edition. His cross-country tour begins Sept. 1.
  • Two Daniel Johnston reissues, holding three vintage albums that have long been nigh impossible to find. First up is Continued Story/Hi How Are You, the former being Johnston's first album recorded in a studio. Also out is the semi- legendary Yip/Jump Music from 1983. Buy 'em direct from Daniel's site, Hi How Are You.
  • Smithsonian Folkways reissues Sam Hinton's 1962 children's album Whoever Shall Have Some Good Peanuts? All Music writes:
    A respected marine biologist and a director of the Scripps Oceanographic Institution, Hinton brings a kind of scientific exactness to the folk songs he performs, and what sounds offhand in his performances is actually carefully considered. Even at that, Hinton still manages to sound incredibly casual and relaxed on this charming set of twenty folk songs intended for children... Unhurried, unruffled, playful and often elegant, the album is nigh near perfect, easy and calm as a cloudless summer day.

MP3:M Ward, Jim James and Conor Oberst - The Girl from North Country(via Chromewaves)

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