Monday, January 22, 2007

Night Shorts: Damn Bloggers!

Brooklyn rocker Paula Corino rightly hails Mark Eitzel as a brilliant live performer, but calls bullshit on NYC opening act Ola Podrida, as well as several prominent blogs and their readers:

But here's what you can't be. You can't be a bunch of dull, bearded, brown-sweater-wearing Will Oldham wannabees, with nothing but slow and almost-midtempo songs, no personality, no chops, no hooks, no banter, and, worst of all, a packed audience of your clueless fans cheering for you.
It was that last clause that made me flee the room and feel really sad about the state of indie music in this country. Anybody can be a Pitchfork darling now--you don't need anything resembling talent, you just need a couple of webzines telling the kids that you're good. And that sucks.

Yikes. If she's bitter that more people don't treat Eitzel like this: yeah, it's a crime he's not playing the Enormobowl. I felt not unlike this at a sold-out Band of Horses/Chad VanGaalen show...but c'mon now, there are far worse bands to pick on than Ola Podrida, who sound nice and pleasant to me. Unspectacular, maybe. Folks have been flocking to buzz bands (and worse) and ignoring the greats well before blogs came on the scene. This isn't exactly Enid and Seymour having to endure "Pickin' Cotton Blues".

Speaking of BPB, The Runout Groove has posted a Will Oldham Peel Session from 2002, featuring Palace moldy oldie "(I Was Drunk At the) Pulpit".

D!M (a new blog doing good things) features FJ McMahon's super-rare 1969 folk LP "Legend of the Golden Juice". The Lama Workshop fills in some details with an FJ Q&A. This track sounds dated in the best possible way. Hey reissue labels, this has never been on CD.

MP3: FJ McMahon - Sister Brother


Anonymous said...

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MacGregor Rucker said...

"there are far worse bands to pick on than Ola Podrida, who sound nice and pleasant to me" While I would agree with you, perhaps it's the cumulative effects of the scores (pun intended) sound-alike bland Brownstone Folkies that drove her from the room. Add to that that they were immediately followed by an artist who actually has something to say musically, and your left with a lot less than underwhelmed. (I was at the show and underwhelming is a nice way to put it.) Sounds "nice and pleasant" isn't much to shoot for, unless the purpose is for background music in the mall they named themselves after. Sounding just like Will Oldham who seems to record every sound that comes from any part of his body isn't much to shoot for either. Don't get me wrong.. I like about a third of Will's output these last several years, which I guess is about 18 albums, which might make me a fan.

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